3DP Technology Ltd is a Hong Kong company focusing on the patent development of 3D printing related technologies. Our aim is to promote 3D printing by producing good quality printers and related components at a reasonable price. We have a collection of 3D printers in different sizes and spec, from kit form to fully assembled unit for users vary from students to SMEs.



Besides our Hong Kong office, we have our own workshop and production line backing us up in China. Recently we have moved in our new factory in Dongguan, the new factory contains two parts, a building for workshop and training, another building for manufacturing and quality control.


As the quality of the product is always on the top of our list, we are putting extra effort to ensure all of our printers are stable and carefully calibrated. Individual module will be tested separately, once the printer is fully assembled, it must go through a full function test before it is ready to pack and ship.