FAQ - Buildboard


1. Inspection



Q. I find it is hard to insert the long tube to the extruder and the Smart Cartridge. What should I do?

A.   When you find it hard to insert long tube into the Smart Cartridge and extruder, you should check the locks on both sides. 

                      Circle End Lock to the Smart Cartridge                         Rectangular End Lock to the Extruder












Q.How to properly install the Smart Cartridge into the printer body?

A.   Insert the Smart Cartridge with both of your hands.

















2. Power On

      1.  The notice light of the Smart Cartridge will on.

      2.  Buildboard will start Auto Calibrate once.


Q. How can I check the connection of the remote control to the printer?

A.   You should see the status "Paired" change to "Ready to Print" on the remote control.








Q. If status stands "Wait Print" on remote control, what should I do?

A.   Maybe there is a connection problem between the printer and the Smart Cartridge. Restart Buildboard and the remote                 control.       











3. Materials

Q. Can I choose more than one color?

A.   Yes you can. However, Buildboard can only print one color at one time. 


Q. How many objects can I print with one roll of filament?

A.   The number of objects depends on the design of your models: 

     •  Percentage of infill

     •  Dimensions of the object

     •  Supporting parts


Q. What type of filament should I choose?

A.   We suggest PLA filament with 1.75mm diameter only for all 3DP printers. 


      *Different filament types have different Smart Cartridges.*

      PLA-Basic for all 3DP printers. There are 3 more filaments types can choose: Flexibility, PLA-High Strength and PLA-Woodfill. 


Q. Do I need to reset the Smart Cartridge temperature when using others filaments?

A.   Yes you should. You can set the temperature on your slicing software and also directly on the Buildboard by referring to the           suggested temperature of different type of filament.


      Suggested temperature for different types of filament is: 

      •  PLA-Basic is around 195 to 210 degree Celsius.              

      •  PLA-High Strength is around 230 degree Celsius.   

      •  PLA-Woodfill is around 220 degree Celsius.           

      •  Flexible is around 230 degree Celsius.   


Q. Why there is brown clog in the nozzle?

A.    It may cause by:

      • The Smart Cartridge temperature is too high.

      • Some dye components in the colored filament is carbonated during heating. 


      **Try to refer to the suggested temperature on the filament package and adjust printer temperature Manually


      For Buildboard

      Enter > Set Cart. Temp. > Adjust Temperature (According to different filaments) > Press Enter










Q. Can I use ABS to print?

A.   You may, but you need to Replace the Smart Cartridge to ABS one.


Q. How can I store filament? 

A.   We suggest you can put the PLA filament into a zipper storage bag with desiccant to keep it dry. 








4. Start Printing


Q. How to load filament?

     > Cut the filament at an angle          > Rotate the knob Clockwise to load filament until                   > Utilities > Load Filament

         and insert in to the extruder              a signal sound is heard from the printer.








Q. How to load filament properly?

A.   You need to turn the knob on the extruder Clockwise and push the filament gently to help installation.













Q. How to place the Project Card?

A.   With the SD card label facing the ground. You will hear a sound to ensure the card is inserted.













Q. What are the colors notice lights on the cartridge represent?

A.   BLUE - Standby mode

      PURPLE/ RED - Error

      GREEN/ RED - Replace new cartridge

     *Colors also represents different temperature range:

      GREEN - 0-40 degree Celsius

      YELLOW - 40-100 degree Celsius

      RED - 100-240 degree Celsius


      Blue > Standby                        Green > 0-40 degree C.         Yellow > 40-100 degree C.     Red > 100-240 degree C.










Q. Can I print objects on the other side of the plate?

A.   No. You should print on the side with notice words                  With the triangle notch on the top right hand corner.

      "Please Clean After Use" and markings on top.













Q. How long will it take to print an object?

A.   You can check the suggested printing time bar in the booklet of each object. 

      The printing time depends on the object sizes, percentage of infill, support etc...












Q. How to know the object with support?

A.   There is a cut pliers icon at the top right hand corner of the object in the booklet.











Q. Do I need to spread glue on the print table?

      Yes. Usually one or two layers at the center of the plate (according to the size of the object). 

      Also along the testing line on the right hand side.












Q. What are the build volume of the printers?

A.    Buildboard  [140L X 120W X 110H mm]


Q. Do I need to be presented the whole time while my model is printing?

A.   Recommend you stay for the beginning of the print.


Q. The resolution of the printing layer?

A.   0.9906mm (0.0039 in)


Q. The nozzle diameter?

A.   0.4mm (0.015 in) for most of the Smart Cartridges. Only Wood-fill cartridge diameter is 0.5mm.


Q. Why we can’t change the nozzle to a different size?

A. As the nozzle in integrated in the Smart Cartridge. Do not recommend user disassembly of the Smart Cartridge since the parts inside is fragile and require special knowledge.


Q. Why the Auto Calibration fail?

A.   It may cause by non-functioning of the fan, filament clogs inside nozzle, bent print table, etc.


      You can see more details in Troubleshooting - Auto Calibration

Q. How can I store filament? 

A.   We suggest you can put the PLA filament into a zipper storage bag with desiccant to keep it dry. 







5. While Printing


Q. What happen when printing suddenly stops?

A.   Double check the Smart Cartridge is well connected to the printer.


Q. What should I do if the filament breaks down while printing?

A.      > Unlock the long tube on both ends       > Remove the long guiding tube and        > Quick Settings > Set Cart.Temp.

                                                                    leave the broken filament behind.             to 195 degree Celsius.












          > Gently push the filament into the          > Quickly pull the filament out of            > Load filament again according to

             Smart Cartridge for 10 seconds.            the Smart Cartridge.                             the normal procedure.  













Q. What can I do when out of filament? Do i need to restart printing?

A.   The printing will temporary stop. Renew filament signal will appear to guide you how to replace filament.

      > [Change Filament] signal appears.          > Remove the filament out of the              > [Insert Filament] signal appears.

         Filament automatically unloads.               extruder.                                              












        > Insert filament until it reached the sensor.  > Filament will start loading again.          > Press enter and the printing will 

        Press enter again to load the filament.        Remove the residual by tweezers.             be restarted at the time it stops. 













Q. What can I do when the cartridge nozzle hit the plastic platform?

A.   > Press the RED button (Emergency Stop) on the printer.

      > Press the RED button again to park the Smart Cartridge to the original position.











Q. What can I do when the Z axis fail to operate during Auto Calibrate?

A.   > Press the RED button (Emergency Stop) on the printer.

      > Press the RED button again to park the Smart Cartridge to the original position.


      Alternative method

      If Auto Calibrate fails many times, we suggested that replace the Smart Cartridge.


Q. How can I reset printer if there is no remote control?

A.   Press the RED button on the printer.


Q. Can I pause/ stop a printing?

A.   Yes, you can.

       > Enter                                                  > SD Card                                           > Pause/Stop Print













6. After Printing


Q. When I need to unload filament?

A.   1. Change filament colors

      2. Out of filament

      3. Long time stands in air. (Filament absorbs water and become fragile.)

      4. Filament clogs in the Smart Cartridge

      5. If wrong filament is inserted


Q. How to unload filament?

     > Utilities                                               > Unload Filament







Q. How can I return printer's setting to normal?

A.  1. You can press the park button               2. You can press the RED button on             3. Enter > Quick Setting > Home All

        on the remote control.                              the printer twice to return all settings         

                                                                   to normal.









Q. When I can switch off the printer?

      When the printer returns to 100 degree Celsius (with YELLOW notice light on the cartridge).


Q. Can I wash the printed object with water?

      Yes. Rinse with warm water to remove objects.


Q. Do I need to clean the cartridge nozzle after printing?

A.   No. All you need is to remove the residual filament by tweezers. 










Q. Can I use the glass plate again and again?

A.   You would better wash the glass plate after use.








7. Others


Q. What can I do if I lose the remote control?

A.   We suggest you to buy a new one. The remote control is important to control all the functions of the Buildboard.



Q. How to operate multiple printers?

A.   Remote control can only pair to one printer at one time. So you need to switch on one printer first and then switch on one remote       control only. Otherwise the remote control will connect to printer which is not in use.



Q. In case I mix all the remote controls, how to reconnect them to printers?


      Switch on the remote control first and “Pairing” signal will show on display panel.

      Then switch on the printer that you want to connect to.

      “Successfully” signal will appear on display panel. Normal function menu will show as usual.



      **The printer is still functioning even without Smart Cartridge. However, It can't operate Auto Calibrate.**








8. Utilities Button


Q. How to Load filament?

A.   > Utilities                                                   > Load Filament








Q. How to Unload filament?

A.   > Utilities                                                   > Unload Filament









Q. When I need to use Clean Cartridge?

***Caution!! Don't touch the nozzle while heating!!***

      1. Long time no use.

      2. Filament squeezing abnormally.

      3. Filament burns out and clogs on the nozzle.

      4. After change filament colors .

      5. When you load a new roll of filament.


       > Utilities                                                  > Clean Cartridge











Change Filament...

Insert Filament...

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