FAQ - Delta



Power On

Q. How can I check the connection of the remote control to the printer?

A.   You should see status "Paired" change to "Press to Pair" on remote control. (60 lots onward "Pairing")




Start Printing

Q. How to load filament?


Q. How I can get a file to print?



Q. What are the colours notice lights on the cartridge represent? (After 40 lots)


      BLUE - Standby mode

      PURPLE/ RED - Error

      GREEN/ RED - Replace new cartridge

      0-40 degree Celsius > GREEN

      40-100 degree Celsius > YELLOW

      100-240 degree Celsius > RED

      Blue > Standby                       Green > 0-40 degree C.          Yellow > 40-100 degree C.      Red > 100-240 degree C.


Q. Can I print objects on the other side of the plate?

A.   No. The print table is locked on top of the heat bed. 


Q. How long will it take to print an object?

A.   It depends on the object sizes, percentage of infill and support styles...


Q. What are the building sizes of the printers?

A.   Delta Plus  [210D X 280H mm]

      Delta II  [210D X 280H mm]

      Dleta III  [300D X 350H mm]



While Printing

Q. What happen that printing suddenly stop but the blue light is on from the start?

A.   Double check the Smart Cartridge is fastened to the the printer holder.


Q. What can I do when the cartridge nozzle hit the print table?



Q. What can I do when the Z axis fail to operate during Auto Calibrate?




Q. How can I reset printer.



Q. Can I pause/ stop a printing?

A.   Yes, you can.






After Printing

Q. When I need to unload filament?

A.  1. Change filament colours

     2. Out of Fliament

     3. Long time stands in air. (Filament may absorb water that make it becomes fragile.)

     4. Filament clog in the nozzle

     5. If wrong filament is inserted


Q. How can I return printer's setting to normal?

A. 1.


Q. When I can switch off the printer?

    1. When the printer temperature returns to 100 degree Celsius (with YELLOW notice light on the cartridge)


Q. Can I wash the printed object with water?

     Yes. Rinse with warm water is better to remove objects.




Q. What can I do if I lose the remote comtrol?


Q. How to operate multiple printers?







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