Air Circulation System

The air-circulation system of Delta Plus draws air to the printing environment. The circulation ensures a stable temperature at the heated bed by distributing the extra heat and warming the printing environment thereby improving the print quality.

Detachable Heatbed​

The heated bed can help regulate the temperature of the printing environment.

Auto Calibration &

LED Indicator

The Smart Cartridge System is an unique and patented feature of Delta Plus. The Smart Cartridge System auto calibrates itself before each printing task. This calibration allows the Cartridge a smoother and higher accuracy of travel to specific coordinates across the printing surface.


LED indicators on the cartridge provide a visual representation of its status. They safely alerts users when the cartridge is too hot to touch or if it needs replacement.

         Consumable Filament

       Material used to form the 3D object.

   Different types of materials and

colors are available.

                   Control Panel

       10.1-inch multi-touch panel makes

   it easy to control and monitor

printing tasks.

Control Panel

       Axes can be individually tested

          and calibrated to ensure stability

             and accuracy.

Detachable Extruder

    User can replace a worn-out

        extruder on their own.

       Smart Cartridge

        With built-in auto calibration.

     pairing different materials with the

   maching Smart Cartridge will

guarantee print quality.

      Detachanle Heated Bed

       The heated bed can help regulate

    the temperature of the printing


     LED Indicator

      Indicates whether the heated bed

     is safe to touch.

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