Buildboard is a 3D printer model designed for home users. It comes in a fully assembled form and it is ready to print with some simple setup. It is an independent unit, doesn’t requires a PC to operate. User can monitor the printer status in real time and control the printing task using the remote controller. Moreover, the PC-Free design doesn’t only mean that user can place the printer anywhere they prefer, more importantly, it can avoid connection issues such as Windows/Mac driver issues and USB serial port issues.

Delta Series


Delta Series is a collection of delta printers in different sizes. Its modular design allows users to modify the printer size easily, making it easy to fit in different workspace. Although the appearance of an open frame printer might look very simple, nevertheless its printing accuracy is very reliable. Before each printing task, it will run an auto leveling process, compensating any possible error.

Educational Kit -
Printer Robot II


3D Printer Robot Educational Kit is an entry-grade 3D printer for home-use and school-use. Coming in a kit form, users can follow the manual and assemble the printer step-by-step. During the process, users can get their hands on components, and learn more about the theory and mechanics behind a workable 3D Printer. After assembling, users will have a 3D printer for further exploration and to express their creativity.

Delta Plus

Delta II & III

Smart Cartridges
There are four different types cartridges for you to choose. 


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