Please check all sets of wires are fasten in places.                       Make sure the belt is not too loose or too tight.






       Make sure the glass plate is fasten on the print table.              Make sure the wires have enough slack for moving.











2. Materials

Q. Can I choose more than one color?

A.   Yes you can. However, PR - II can only print one color at one time. 


Q. How many objects can I print with one roll of filament?

A.   The number of objects depends on the design of your models: 

     •  Percentage of infill

     •  Dimensions of the object

     •  Supporting parts


Q. What type of filament should I choose?

A.   We suggest PLA filament with 1.75mm diameter only for all 3DP printers. 


   *Different filament types have different cartridges.*

      PLA-Basic for all 3DP printers. There are 4 more filaments types can choose: Flexibility, PLA-High Strength and PLA-Woodfill. 


Q. Do I need to reset cartridge temperature when using others instead of PLA?

A.   Yes you should. Temperature is different for different materials. 

      •  PLA-Basic is around 195 to 210 degree Celsius.              

      •  PLA-High Strength is around 230 degree Celsius.   

      •  PLA-Woodfill is around 220 degree Celsius.           

      •  Flexible is around 230 degree Celsius.   


Q. Why there is brown clog in the nozzle?

A.    It may cause by:

      • Smart Cartridge temperature is too high.

      • Some dye components in the colored filament carbonated during heating. 


      Try refer to the suggested temperature on the filament package and adjust printer temperature Manually


      For PR - II

      Control Panel > Extruder > Temp. > Adjust Temperature (According to different filaments) > Press to confirm









Q. Can I use ABS to print?

A.   You may, but you need to Replace the Smart Cartridge in ABS one.


Q. How can I store filament? 

A.   We suggest you can put the PLA filament into a zipper storage bag with desiccant to keep it dry. 







3.Start Printing


Q. How can I load filament?

A.  > Cut the filament at an angle   > Rotate Anticlockwise             > SD Card                              > Load Filament.gcode












Q. Where can I find Print File option on the control panel?

A.   Make sure you insert the SD card to the corresponding notch and with the label facing downward. 











Q. Can I print objects directly onto the glass plate?  

A.   Recommend you evenly spread one to two layers of glue on the glass plate or add a piece of blue sticker onto it first.












Q. Why temperature shown on the control panel doesn't change when I start printing?  

A.   Double check the connection of the cartridge to wires.













Q. Can I use the printer outdoor or under air-conditioner?

A.   Recommended optimal temperature is around 25 to 30 degree Celsius.


Q. How long does it takes to print an object?

A.  It depends on: 

     •  3D models design 

     •  Percentage of infill (Higher the fill %, longer the printing time.)

     •  Dimensions of the object (Bigger the size, longer the printing time.)

     •  Supporting parts













Q. What are the building sizes of the printers?

A.   PR - II  [120L X 120W X 120H mm]


Q. Do I need to be presented the whole time while my model is printing?

A.   Recommend you stay for the beginning of the print.


Q. What are the colored notice lights on cartridge represent?


      Green & Red - Replace New Cartridge

      BLUE - Standby mode

      PURPLE & RED - Error


      *Color also represents different temperature range:

      GREEN - 0-40 degree Celsius

      YELLOW - 40-100 degree Celsius

      RED - 100-240 degree Celsius


      Blue > Standby                       Green > 0-40 degree C.           Yellow > 40-100 degree C.     Red > 100-240 degree C











Q. The resolution of the printing layer is?

A.   0.9906mm (0.0039 in)


Q. The Smart Cartridge nozzle diameter is?

A.   0.4mm 0.015 in) for most of the Smart Cartridges. Only Wood-fill cartridge diameter is 0.5mm.


Q. Why auto leveling fail?

A.   It may cause by non-functioning of the fan, filament clogged inside nozzle etc.


      You can see more solutions in Troubleshooting - Auto Calibration.  





4. While Printing

Q. If there is sudden power outage. Can I restore ­the printing process to the place its stop? 

A.   Sorry no, you need to restart the print again.


Q. Can I make a pause? 

A.   Yes, you can.



      Go to Control Panel > SD card                     > Print File                                                > Pause/Stop Printing 









Q. Why printing objects can't stick well onto the print table?

A.   Ensure enough glue is applied evenly on the glass plate. 


Q. Why the thickness of first layer print is different across the build plate?

A.   It may cause by: 

      •  Tilted print table

      •  Filament clog on the nozzle

      •  The cartridge is not well placed


Q. Why the print table is not moving smoothly?

A.   It may relate to the belt.


      For PR - II: you can adjust it to make it not too tight or too loose. 


           Anticlockwise: Loosing the bell                                           Clockwise: Tightening the bell













Q. Why there is shifting of layers on printing objects?

A.   It may cause by intermittent extrusion during printing. We recommend you print the object again.



Q. How to fix it when filament is not squeezing out vertically?  

A.   Try to remove some clogged residual filament with tweezers on the nozzle.













Q. What can I do when the cartridge nozzle scraping the print table. 

A.   Try to offset the height of the Z axis. 

      You can see more solutions in Troubleshooting - Auto Calibration.  








5. After Printing


Q. If Printed object stick too tight, how can I remove it? 

A.   With our provided flat scraper or wash the object with warm water.


Q. How can I unload filament?


      Go to Control Panel > SD Card                    > Unload Filament









Q. Do I need to clean the Smart Cartridge nozzle after printing?

A.   No. All you need is to remove the residual filament by tweezers. 


Q. Can I use the glass plate again and again?

A.   We suggest you wash the plate every time after use. 


Q. When I can shut down the printer?

A.  When the Smart Cartridge temperature return to 100 degree Celsius. It is safe to switch off the printer. 







6. Printing Quality Problem


Q. Why the size of printed object is slightly different from the original 3D model size?

A.   Assembly may be not precise enough. An inspection of all structural components is recommended.


Q. Why the print object is having a very rough surface?

A.   Cartridge temperature may set too high. 


Q. Why the print result is in a wobbly layer or layers that do not stack up in a consistent and aligned manner?

A.   Printer assembly related. An inspection of all structural components is recommended.


Q. Why the print result ends up with lots of strings in the open sections?

A.   Stringing is an anomaly that occurs when the print head jumps between two parts of a path that are non-continuous. You can           enable [De-String] and [Wipe] in KISSlicer to minimize this. 








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