Extrusion Problem

Sometimes the filament can be clogged in the nozzle, which is most likely caused by over-retraction. When heated PLA filament is over-retracted, it may start to accumulate inside nozzle. The filament becomes hard when it cools down to stop any further loading action.

Caution: Don't touch the nozzle while heating !!!



Common Loading Filament Problems are:


                                     Broken Filament                                       Filament Clogged                               










                    Filament not yet reaches the cartridge                The fan is not working properly 












Extrusion Problem Solving Solution:


   1. Check the Position of the Smart Cartridge

           • Make sure the cartridge is placed correctly. 













   2. Check the Filament Quality

           Check the filament surface is smooth without missing chunks causes by the grinding of the extruder drive gear.   










           • Make sure the filament is not broken along the guiding tube.












  3. Load Filament Manually 

         ** We suggest this for PR- II only. **  


        For Delta Series & EZ Dimension

           • We DO NOT recommend you manually load filament for Delta Series printers and EZ Dimension. 

           • We suggest you HOME ALL settings and load the filament again. 



        For PR - II ONLY

          1. Control Panel > Quick Settings > Preheat Nozzle to a temperature higher than suggested temperature. 

          2. Manually rotate the knob Anticlockwise on the extruder to push filament out of nozzle.

          3. If material can be extruded from the nozzle smoothly, the exrusion problem is solved.

          4. Then you can go to control panel > Quick Settings > Home All the settings and start printing again.


         > Quick Settings                        > Preheat Nozzle                      > Temp. (Adjust manually)           > Turn Anticlockwise                 









         *5. If filament is still fails to be extruded, you can set the Smart Cartridge temperature higher and repeat step 2 again.


         6.Repeat [Step 2] again until filament comes out. 


         > Quick Settings                       > Extruder                                 > Temp. (Adjust manually)  














Auto Calibration Problem


Auto Calibration is important at the beginning of the printing. There are few problems may happen:



Common Auto Calibration Problems are:

       When Z axis level is too High during auto leveling                      When Z axis level is too Low during auto leveling                       and printing.                                                                       and printing. 














What Cause the Auto Calibration Fails? 


         Smart Cartridge Disconnect             Filament clog on the nozzle                   Bent print table













The First Layer Print at Different Heights across Print Bed

       Auto calibration problem may also affect the quality of the first layer. First layer of print is important that may              affect the whole printing process and also the printed result. Common First Layer Problems are: 



              Optimal First Layer                            Uneven First Layer                          Broken First Layer















Auto Calibration Problem Solving Solution: 


1. Home ALL Settings  

      The easiest way to reset all the setting to normal. 


       For EZ Dimension

         Follow these steps: 

        > Press Enter                                  > Quick Settings                           > Home All












       For PR - II

         Follow these steps: 

        > Quick Settings                           > Home All











2. Printer Inspection 

      There are few points to inspect to ensure the printer assembly is in optimal position. 


       For PR - II

        1. Ensure that the wire tube is long enough to allow the Smart Cartridge's nozzle to touch the print bed without being taut or                 having excess tension.













        2. Ensure the pulley and belts are properly assembled (make it not too loose or too tight).













        3. Ensure nozzle is clean with no unwanted material, as that will skew the auto calibration result and affect first layer print                   result.














      For EZ Dimension


        1.  Ensure nozzle is clean with no protruding material, as that will skew the Auto Calibration results.









        2.  Ensure the print table is flat and without surface damage.

        3.  Make sure the Smart Cartridge is fastening to the printer body.




  3. Z Offset  on Control Panel

       **We recommend you can adjust the Z axis of PR-II ONLY.**


        PR - II ONLY

        • Go to Control Panel > Z Offset Height.










        • Adjust the Z offset value by 0.01mm each.

         Lowering level (-ve Z): Anticlockwise                                     Uplifting level (+ve Z): Clockwise 











         • Go back to Z Offset Height > Store to EEPPOM                  • Restart the printer.













  4. Adjust Z Axis Knob Manually

       **We recommend you can adjust the Z axis of PR-II ONLY.**


       PR - II ONLY

         • Rotate to the control pulley (on top of the Z-axis) to the corresponding direction


         Lowering level: Anticlockwise                                               Uplifting level: Clockwise















  5. KISSlicer Settings

       You can go to Support and set [Skirt] with [Inflate Raft] 0.4, so a layer of support with 0.4 mm offset to the                                    object's surface will be printed before the first layer. This can ensure the first layer have a better quality. 














  6. Clean Smart Cartridge Nozzle


         Auto Calibration problem sometimes may cause by the clogging of filament inside nozzle. It will disable the sensor function              inside the Smart Cartridge. You can follow a few steps below to try to unclog the filament inside nozzle.


















Others Problem


Power on but the fan is not working

      Try to move the cover of the fan on the Smart Cartridge to check whether the wires are connected properly or not. 



Smoke and odor come out during heating !!

      Shut the printer down immediately.

      It may cause by the overheating of filament. As the temperature of filament vary from different brands and colors.

      *For advance users, you can set the Smart Cartridge temperature corresponding to the temperature suggested to that                      filament if necessary.



If the Power on but the LCD display/ Remote Control is not working


       1. Check the remote control is having correct batteries. 












      PR - II

       1. Check the connection of the LCD display to the printer.